Weekly Class Wrap-Up February 4-8

Angry Nerds

One of our members Susan O’Connor wanted to preview her talk for SXSW next month. It was on videogames, her specialty, and the surreal world of videogame development. She presented it to a few of our members, including Rena. They offered advice and suggestions on Susan’s rough draft of her talk. Through the critiques and working out ideas, Susan found that she perhaps did not want to actually present on the topic as planned. Susan is now preparing an even better presentation!


Retail Readiness


Rena’s class was, in her words, “Awesome!” She talked to a motivated group of makers and manufacturers and even illustrators about getting their line ready for wholesale. One participant flew down from Portland, OR for the day (from Scout Books) and left us a bunch of free samples. Everyone was excited, and one of the participants has a book coming out soon too; we may do a stamp-carving workshop with her.


Top Tips for DIY PR


This panel was led by Genevieve Brazelton, Emma Starks, Katherine Nelson, and moderated by Jordan Kushins.  Each panelist spoke to what their top tip is for those interested in doing their own PR. Topics that were covered included:

Defining your story- find out what makes you different, and who is your ideal client.
Understanding how a reporter works– investigate deadlines, finding out why your pitch relevant right now, don’t pitch everywhere.
The importance of photography- good photos can dictate coverage of your product, have an arsenal of photos for different audiences, and if anything do invest in quality photography.
Building relationships through social media- chose 2-3 social media platforms that fit your brand identity, and stick with what is fun for you. Don’t force yourself to use every platform. Follow influencers and peers, and don’t be afraid to reach out. Interesting connections can be made from commenting on statuses or asking questions.

The audience asked a lot of really good questions, and received a nice range of answers/feedback.

Getting Social: A Beginners Guide to Social Media


Meighan O’Toole loves the internet and she wants you to love it too.  This class covered a variety of topics including: how to post, tweet, and pin correctly. Best practices- the do’s and don’ts of social engagement. Cultivating community and brand evangelism. Publishing platforms, helpful apps and tips. Meighan stressed the basics- decide what social media platforms make sense for you, define your voice, and create a posting strategy. The class learned nifty tricks to make your Facebook posts neat and tidy, how to tag correctly, and hashtag best practices.

The Creative Professional: Personal Image and Your Brand

photo 15-23-56

Shana Astrachan of Fox & Doll Hair & Makeup (and one of our part-time residents) led a small group in a discussion of how your personal image can affect the branding of your business.  She advised that you can be creative with how you show your branding- if you make jewelry you should wear at least one piece of your own creation. If you are a designer, you can have one of your designs made into an iPhone case or have stickers or labels made for various items that are seen in public. The class was also shown the 10 basic makeup steps that can serve as a starting point for more creative looks.

Ashley & Christina

Weekly Class & Event Wrap-Up January 28-1

Show and Tell: Branding and Marketing with Personality


In the final class in Genevieve Brazelton’s three part series on Tuesday, she focused on bringing it all together creating marketing and social media strategies. Genevieve spoke about finding the social media outlets that make sense for your business. She stressed that you don’t have to subscribe to them all, but to actively participate and be diligent in building up your online presence.


Strategy TNT

tnt-kate kendall

Strategy TNT was founded by creative strategist Jennifer Maples. She hosts it every last Tuesday night of the month. It focuses on strategists of all kinds — designers, educators, makers, big thinkers, creative problem solvers — who gather to learn, network, and share ideas. This months TNT speaker was Kate Kendall of The Fetch. Kate gave insight into working with start-ups, keeping strategy in place, but also being flexible when things come up. She believes strongly in communities connected to a business. She stressed creating and delivering content around communities, building communities with communities, and setting guidelines when joining communities. So many people and businesses are focussed and run online, but she suggests getting off-line and talking face to face and connecting in person, like going to meet-ups.

Serena & Lily Art Auction with Creativity Explored

art auction

Serena & Lily is a one stop home decor shop. Our lovely leather poufs in the clubhouse are from them! On Thursday, they hosted a silent art auction benefiting Creativity Explored that was members only (one of the many perks of being a member!) The turn out was amazing! We got to see some new and old members faces and we just about reached capacity here. Bi-Rite Market catered the food, yum, and there was wine flowing all night. Our members Lisa Shaffer of Zelma Rose and Julie Wagne of Petel donated their wares to attendees  Most importantly there was a lot of money raised for a good cause. We are going to miss the beautiful and colorful art work in the space!

-Ashley & Christina

Weekly Class Wrap-Up January 21-25

iPhoneography 201

582287_296680987101543_678140272_nThis was the second installment of Sarah Deragon’s iPhonography series. People attending the class wanted to learn how to utilize iPhone photography for personal use and for their businesses. Even Howard Flax of Flax Art and Design, where many of us have spent our paychecks, came to learn some tips and tricks. Sarah informed students of different iPhone apps to help them improve the pictures taken with their phones. Do you know that you can cross process and double expose images with your phone?! Sarah offers iPhonography classes frequently at Makeshift so be on the look out for more if you want to learn how to improve your iPhonography.

Show and Tell: Branding and Marketing with Personality


Genevieve Brazelton, a branding and social media strategist, taught the second class in her three part workshop . She offered the class to a small group of students in order to focus the content towards their individual business needs.  She helped them to figure out what they are doing differently than their competition. She also focused on identifying their ideal customer who needs and wants what they have to offer.


Artists from Abroad

Sharon Brenner is a local immigration attorney who is passionate about helping individuals from abroad. In this lecture/Q&A session, she gave an overview of the immigration process for foreign artists in various fields who seek to work in the U.S. It was a small audience, so she was able to address specific needs and concerns of the students.

Lydali Mixer


From Ali Price, one half of Lydali,

“We hosted a cocktail party to show off our products that have been occupying the pop-up closet all month, and to bring in lots more that are only for sale online. We served champagne cocktails with St. Germain and berries, and small bites to eat. Makeshift Society was packed all night long, and it was a great time with lots of laughter, music, chatter, and Lydali purchases. We had a blast, and we hope to do it again soon!”


MMS Mixer Sponsored by The Findery


For this months member mixer, we had our first sponsor, The Findery. There was a wonderful turn out, we were glad to see all of your smiling faces. Snacks, wine, beer and even a Gingersnap Arnold Palmer was served, yum. Oh, and also a cake, we can not forget the cake. We love you too, The Findery! Members that have not made it to one yet, be sure to stop by next months mixer. If your interested in sponsoring one of our fun mixers, let us know!

-Ashley & Christina