Weekly Roundup


What a week it has been for us- we celebrated our 1 year birthday and launched a Kickstarter campaign for Makeshift Society Brooklyn.

We received some really great mentions about our campaign- thank you to VSCO , Design*Sponge, Lisa Congdon, The Bold Italic , Design TaxiPattern Pulp, Yougna Park, Maggie Mason, Victoria Smith, and Bryan Boyer . Big hugs to you all!


Also, don’t forget to come on by this Saturday from 12-4 for our open house. We’ll have member demos, beverages, a meet and greet with the Makeshift team, and a chance to enroll for classes at a discounted rate.

And members, there are still tickets left for our anniversary party. Beverages, food, decorations, manicures, raffles, and of course, birthday cake.

We hope to see you there!



Intern Panel recap

from Nicole Delger…

I was thrilled to moderate a panel last night at Makeshift Society. Here the one-sentence bios of the smart women talking about their own experiences:

Sarah Stevenson – An Interior Designer with experience managing interns – sarahgstevenson.com.

Laura Monfredini – Employment Lawyer and photographer: ellephotographs.com. Please note this statement from Laura, “My statements and opinions are my own and don’t reflect those of my current or former employers.”

Ashely Mosley –Community Engagement Manager at InternMatch.com

Nicole Delger (Moderator) – Brand Strategist, currently managing a “virtual intern” and has experience managing from her days working in advertising. NicoleDelger.com and About.Me/NicoleDelger

I have also included some great resources and links that came from our conversation below:

From Ashley of InternMatch: “You can find links to employer resources here and details on their compensation guide here.

From Laura we’ve included a couple of links that will help people with protecting their IP. She also notes: “The kind you need will depend on what people are doing for you, but the two main types are getting a copyright assigned (generally for visual/written work) and getting “inventions” assigned (if someone develops code for you or a business process, for example). These forms are pretty good, but I always caveat that it’s a good idea to work with a business lawyer about your specific company & needs.”

From me: I have a guide on how to write an internship description and how to write an internship work agreement.”

I’d love to hear about your own experience (both as an intern and manager), so leave a comment below!

Weekly Class Wrap-up February 25-28

Ready, Set, Goal!


 Pooja Dang is a life coach and loves to help people ” find and live their AWESOME.” In this workshop, she outlined setting goals and the right process to achieving them. She delved into the goal setting process, why its so hard to keep the goals we make, and an effective process for setting goals that truly mattered to the attendees. It really was AWESOME!


Strategy TNT


This month’s featured speaker was Cathy Bishop from GoodEggs. Cathy talked about the mission of GoodEggs, the challenges the company has faced, and the changes they’ve made to their ordering process. She also talked about the all-important local food system, and provided some shocking statistics about the national food system. Support your local food system y’all!

Boundaries for Better Business


Lisa Anderson Shaffer dropped some serious science to an intimate group of folks eager to learn how to set boundaries. She explained that “boundaries are a courtesy we extend to each other.”  Once we’ve established boundaries, we are prepared to deal with all sorts of shenanigans that customers/clients/associates can test us with.

Project Management- Using Asana

In this class, students learned how Asana can help organize their professional and personal lives. Ben Shapiro demonstrated how the program can help keep you and your team on task, and also how you can keep your short and long term personal tasks on track.

-Ashley & Christina

Weekly Class Wrap-Up February 18-22

Calligraphy in the 21st Century A-Z


In part two of Maybelle’s class, students learned the formation of letters M-Z. We also had the chance to try out white ink on black and kraft colored paper, and we got to peek at Maybelle in action while she demonstrated punctuation and symbols.

Collage Workshop


April Walters was back for this months collage class on Tuesday. Each month people come out to get their craftiness on and relieve some stress at the workshops; you’d be surprised at what a pair of scissors, glue, and some creativity can do for your mood. This months prompt was cars and the participants made some great collages like the one above!


Member Mixer


This weeks member mixer featured another mixed cocktail, hello Rootbeer floats with Root liquor, and great chats! It’s always nice to see our members every last Friday when they aren’t heads down working (we love to see that too, though!)

We also pre-viewed the Makeshift video to our members. It’s now live and you can check it out here!

Weekly Class recap Feb 11-15

Calligraphy in the 21st Century


This was the second sold-out month for Maybelle’s  2- part calligraphy class.  In part one, students purchased their starter kits which included a personalized ink well, an extra bottle of ink, nib & holder and a practice book.  Maybelle demonstrated the formation of  letters A-L on the chalkboard wall, and then we set out to practice, practice, practice!

Anthem’s “Hit” Recipe

This introductory class was formatted, as the title suggests, like a recipe.  Students received an overview of all the necessary ingredients followed by exact steps to creating an effective marketing plan.  The framework that they learned will save them lots of time and solve the mysteries of promoting their product, service, or event.  The group was walked through a sample campaign that will earn the them more “hits.”  That is, more clicks, more shares, more traffic, more buzz and more business!

Success Squad


Success Squad is the perfect platform for makers & creators who are struggling with a business challenge.  Squad leaders Sarah & Lisa, establish a set of rules for the feedback portion of the meeting so the group can get down to the exciting and rewarding brainstorming/collaborative process. This squad had two presenters, and the group provided them with quality answers to their questions along with sound advice and support to move forward with their projects.