Teacher Spotlight: Genevieve Brazelton

In a new blog post segment, we will be spotlighting some of the teachers that have taught here at the clubhouse.

Genevieve Brazelton has taught “Show and Tell: Branding and Marketing with Personality” , and participated in our “Top Tips for DIY PR” panel.



C: Why did you want to teach this class?

G: Mostly because I love to teach. Since I quit coaching in October I’ve really missed interacting with business owners one-on-one. Leading workshops fills that gap. I also really like talking about branding and marketing. I learn something new every time I teach.


C: What was your experience with teaching this class?

G:  I’ve taught Show and Tell twice at Makeshift and I’ve had a great experience both times. My classes were intentionally small so that I could give each of the participants plenty of feedback, but it was also great to experience how dynamic and diverse the MSS community is.


C: How long have you been doing what you do?

G: I’ve worked as a marketing and pr consultant for about 6 years. First I worked with restaurants, wineries, and spirits companies, then I transitioned over to working with creative entrepreneurs. It was definitely the latter role that I found most gratifying and where I really got to put my knowledge to the test. Small businesses are so dynamic, they all present different problems calling for creative solutions. I’ve only been teaching for the last 2 years, but I really love it and hope to continue even though I’m going back to the 9-5 world.


Thanks Genevieve! We look forward to your next class.