A Thank You Letter

Dear friends of Makeshift Society,

We’re thrilled to share that we’re on track with our Makeshift Society Brooklyn fundraising goal — thanks to all of you we’ve already raised over $10k, which is over 30% of our target amount. With only 35 days left, we need to keep this energy strong to make our goal of $30k. With your continued support at spreading the word online, we are certain we can match our goal. Join the conversation now:

rad together by michaela latavanha

Print by Michaela Latavanha

We have been overwhelmed with the amount of supporters who have backed our project, and eternally grateful for every pledge made to make MSS BK. And we owe endless thanks to our backers, for every penny donated is going towards building a creative tool lending library for rental and onsite usage. These kinds of resources are vital to Makeshift, and without them our clubhouse would be just like any other co-working space. So, THANK YOU for allowing us to set ourselves apart from the rest. Not only do we appreciate our backers, we also appreciate those of you tweeting, pinning, sharing on instagram, and posting on your blogs and facebook about this campaign. The word would not get out without a little social media buzz, so please continue to share with your fans, friends, and followers, because that is the only way we will continue to push strong with this campaign.

Sometimes the greatest form of advertising is word-of-mouth!

Infinite thank you’s and high fives,

The Makeshift Society Team