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Oh, hello Spring! You crept upon us fast. With this new season comes many new projects, conferences, and all around busyness. Our members have been tinkering, making, and doing so we wanted to drop in and see just what they are up to for our Member Mentions.

Illustrator, artist, and member Arin Fishkin has made a series of fun, cheerful, and beautiful illustrations of San Francisco. The illustrations are of  favorite famous and some not so famous city icons that Arin pays tribute to. They are graphic and bold with a vintage feel. She uses custom patterns for accents for the landmarks like the big fog in her Sutro Tower illustration or the floral pattern on the 49 mile Scenic Drive sign. Her vibrant prints caught the eye of  Taxi and they did a nice write up featuring some of her SF icon prints.


Karrie Myers Taylor was interviewed recently on Regain Focus. Karrie owns of Videokard, a video production and marketing crew,  who essential creat “movie trailers” for business (what a neat concept!) She spoke with Regain Focus on her business, clients, and being a small business owners. She also provided insightful advice for small business owners just starting out. Head on over to Regain Focus for her full interview!


Heidi design studio GOLD has had some recent exciting mentions and award-winnings. GOLD is a two women design studio inspired by systems in nature, narrative of places and people, history and its ephemera, and the sciences and humanities. GOLDToday is the blog show casing the design duos bi-costal creativity. Their previous work was hands on, is now done via corresponding over the internet. Each day they are given a prompted to create some work. “It has something to do with that day and sharing something with each other beyond our digital back and forth and to flex their making methods and process.”

Their poster for the CCA 2013 MFA show won a typography award from Communication Arts. You can see the full poster here on Heidi’s site link to the poster/exhibition hereThey are also are currently the featured studio on HOW Design’s Designer’s Spotlight.


Member Peggie Lee is a jewelry designer. Her pieces are described as simple, but sophisticated, “deceptively simple, featuring artisan craftsmanship mixed with contemporary approaches to contrast, color, texture and composition,” and have been garnering attention in television and in movies! Peggies jewelry has been spotted recently on shows like as The Vampire Diaries & Scandal. Her pieces were also spied in the most recent issues of Sports Illustrated. We will be looking for more appearances of your jewelry on the small screen, big screen, and beyond, Peggie!

We are excited for all of the Makeshifter’s and what they have been up to! Remember, if you are a member, please share with us all the fun and noteworthy ventures.



Building The Brand with Materials + Process

btb-mp For our second Building the Brand series talks, we have local company MATERIALS + PROCESS. The talk will take place on March 20th at Makeshift Society in San Francisco. MATERIALS + PROCESS is a design studio based in San Francisco founded by Christine Marcelino at the end of 2011.  What started as a platform to explore personal interests as a designer became a business through which she can share her designs with the world. At Materials + Process, we find inspiration in the elemental beauty of materials and the processes that transform their sentiment. We coax the grace and elegance of materials through craft and thoughtful deliberation, carefully honing the design of each of our products until the honest simplicity of purpose reveals itself. Our intention is to create enduring products that intimately reflect individuality and creativity, while keeping pace with a modern lifestyle. Their mission is to design and craft thoughtful, enduring products for the modern nomad and frontiersman. By recognizing essential functionality and using authentic materials, they naturally build longevity into our products. Through their work they cultivate and inspire thought through their artisanship. That philosophy is manifested in MATERIAL + PROCESS’s inaugural line of carryalls, totes, and cases. This line is crafted with vegetable-dyed leather that, with age, gets embedded with the lingering markings of your personal memories and adventures. Their designs invite you to evolve the look, feel and functionality of your product as you engage with it over time. With starting any company, there are unforeseeable challenges, especially when creating a physical product and manufacturing it. With our Building the Brand series, we look to bring you an inside peak of how brands break through the barriers they encounter and creative problem solving they tackle along the way. We asked Christine what she found to be the most challenging thing about creating their own physical products: “The most challenging aspect of starting a business is really staying focused and balanced. The design part comes easy but to build a sustainable business it takes more than just designing and making all day. I have a vision of where I want my business to be and its staying true to that vision and staying focused on the tasks that will take me there. Sometimes its the mundane stuff that keeps me at the computer all the day, it’s the meetings that take me away from making, its taking the time to fix what needs to be fixed, etc. And its all that plus balancing the time to be creative and have a life. With manufacturing, its been a challenge finding small run local domestic manufacturers that have exceptional craft and work with the materials I work with. As a small business, with limited resources its also a challenge to find the right manufacturing model for each product. It takes a lot of relationship building and learning on both ends.” mp   Christine Marcelino is a San Francisco based industrial designer. Originally from Chicago, she moved to SF for the mountains, the ocean, and the food, of course. She studied Industrial Design and Art History at University of Illinois in Champaign and in Newcastle, England at Northumbria University. During that time her interest centered on materials for innovation and sustainable practices.  Christine Marcelino has worked as a product designer in companies such as Smart Design, Pottery Barn, Marmot and Camelbak, and with product startups such as  Alite Designs and Boreas Gear. Join us this Thursday March 20th, 2014 for the Building the Brand talk at the clubhouse in Hayes Valley! Tickets can be found here!

Member Mentions

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It’s a new year (almost March!) so that means everyone is back to work and hitting the ground running. Makeshift members have been busy bees lately and are up to new, fun, and exciting endeavors!

Kelli Ronci just launched an online shop for CORDA, a new line of textile jewelry and home decor. She also does wholesale and currently has her products available at Summer House in Mill Valley, Ellington and French in Berkeley and Maude in Petaluma. She is also looking to sell in other spots in the Bay Area and is open to any recommendations of places that are a good fit for her items!

Our member Christopher of T-we Tea is having a Grand Opening Party for their new store. They have grown by leaps and bounds! They needed room to expand so they have moved into a larger space in the Crocker Galleria and will now be able to sell tea by the cup at the new location. This Thursday evening they are hosting a Tea Kiki. There will be tea cocktails with their tea’s and they encourage dressing up as one of their tea flavor persona’s (Cuddle Bug, Grumpy Dinosaur, Scandalous ManFriend to name a few!)

Our previous resident, Stephen Kennedy, recently did a TEDx talk in Bangladesh. He spoke on creating the first bus map of Dhaka, Bangladesh, a city with millions of bus riders each day. They had had no previous maps to help them in figuring out the buses routes. He spoke along side Albert King who was a former researcher in sustainable transport at MIT and worked on Google Maps. Stephen is currently working on a clothing company called New Market Goods which he started in his residency. NMG focuses on men’s wear that is ethically sourced from worker’s in Bangladesh.

Member Shannon Kay is collaborating with Makeshift Member Kira Mead of 49 Doors and also with Laurie Furber to present HUE: an interactive color theory workshop that helps homeowners and design enthusiasts choose unique and personal color palettes for their homes. The first workshop is offered on March 1st at Climb Real Estate with Kira. On March 7th & 8th, Shannon will be at the new ElsieGreen’s location sharing tips and guidance with Laurie.



Building The Brand with Endswell

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We are starting off the New Year with a new speaker series entitled Building the Brand. It will encompass the fields of design and production exploring where the physical meets digital. It is a bimonthly event series where you can gain advice from creative professionals (designers, photographers and architects) who have created a physical product line with a Q&A style panel with them following the talk.

First up are Rachel Gant and Andrew Deming, the designers behind Endswell and Yield Design Co. Endswell is best described as the modern day heirloom. At Endswell they cast solid gold rings from 3-dimensional prints and hand-finishing them to perfection. They believe in creating pieces of value, imbued with meaning, that stand the test of time. They create rings that embody their own beliefs in the importance of good design and responsible sustainable production while respecting the past, yielding to the present and looking forward to the future.

Endswell is the creatives sister company to Yield Design Co. Yield is a San Francisco based design house creating products that pair progressive design with traditional craft. Yield goods are designed to encourage a vibrant lifestyle and to facilitate the better parts of life. Founded by Rachel and Andrew in late 2012, they have crafted numerous collections with a wide material vocabulary, all unified by a distinctive and refined sense of play.


As for Endswell, Rachel Gant and Andrew Deming found their inspiration for their new venture after designing the ‘Infinity’ pair of wedding bands for their close friends. In 2013 they began creating the line of rings that would become Endswell, consisting of rings designed for everyday as well as a “Commitment” collection of non-traditional wedding bands. Each design is a physical translation of a concept or feeling; the Infinity series reveals continuous surfaces and mobius strips to represent the concept of endlessness and the Align series shows a motion in which two pieces meet to become one. Each piece is a delicate balance of rich meaning and minimalist form.

With starting any company, there are unforeseeable challenges, especially when creating a physical product and manufacturing it. With our Building the Brand series, we look to bring you an inside peak of how brands break through the barriers they encounter and creative problem solving they tackle along the way. As a preview of what they will be discussing, we asked Andrew and Rachel what they found to be the most challenging thing about creating their own physical products:

“What we’ve found to be the most challenging is everything outside of the design of the products themselves–designing them has been the fun and easy part. It’s the operational challenges, figuring out the infrastructure that supports the ordering, manufacturing and fulfillment of our goods where we’ve encountered the most difficulty. It’s something we’ve had to learn on the fly, just by making mistakes and correcting. When we created Endswell, we tried to put a lot of what we learned from Yield into practice. We greatly simplified our supply chain and created a model where we didn’t need to go out of pocket to stock a large inventory before we could sell to customers.”

Join us for our founding Building the Brand talk this month at the clubhouse on January 27th to hear more on Endswell, Yield, and this dynamic duo!


Rachel Gant

Rachel earned her Bachelors in Industrial Design following a period of Architecture studies at Cal Poly. Her experience has ranged from a brief stint at the firm of architect Cass Calder Smith, to designing custom products for the playful photo store Photojojo. Rachel’s way of thinking is a bit unexpected, leading to unique pairings of ideas.

Andrew Deming

Andrew is a designer and strategist with a degree in graphic design and an MBA in Design Strategy from CCA. He is also cofounder of the city based experience sharing service Mosey. Prior to starting Yield, Andrew worked Yves Béhar at fuseproject where he took part in designing award-winning projects for clients such as Herman Miller, GE, and Sodastream Source.

Makeshift Brooklyn Meet-and-Greet


It is 2014 which means that Makeshift BK now is looming closer on the horizon!

We are so looking forward to meeting all of you! Because we can not wait until we open our doors in a few months, we will be hosting a meet-and-greet on Thursday, January 30th from 3pm-8pm in NYC. You will have an opportunity to meet the Makeshift crew, fellow friends, and future members. We will be setting up shop for those 5 hours across the street from Makeshift BK’s future location at 66 Hope Cafe in Brooklyn.

We will be ready to answer any questions you may have, lead tours on the hour of the clubhouse that is currently under construction, as well as be accepting sign ups for membership. A membership deposit will guarantee your spot, plus there are no monthly dues until the space is open. Let’s hang!

For more information on the  clubhouse progress follow along with our behind-the-scenes series detailing the entire build-out of Makeshift BK.