Year One


One year ago today, after some long nights, Rena and I threw open the doors of Makeshift Society Brooklyn on Hope street—and then we collapsed onto the sofa.

We propped the door open and let the breeze blow in. We chatted with people who dropped by to peek in. We enticed passers-by to say hello. And we ended the day with a bottle of prosecco in the company of Hardhat, who did our branding, and Dash Marshall, who designed the space. May 1, 2014 was great.

But May 1, 2015 is even better! One year older, we’re now a community of about 100 creatives who are making shift happen. The front door is still propped open when the weather’s nice, and you’re still welcome to peek in and have a look around or quiz us about what exactly is going on here. You’re likely to meet Cait and Emma at the front desk, keeping things running with aplomb and charm, as they have from day one.

One year zipped by. We…

…received rad gifts from friends

…waved at friendly kids

…thew some fun events (including one that involved ice cream sandwiches)

…drank a lot of coffee with our neighbors Frankie and Lee at 66 Hope Cafe

…got a super futuristic wall installation

…watched some movies

…printed some newspapers and a zine

…were featured in newspapers and magazines

…held some special classes

drew some stuff

…got tired

…got excited

…ate some donuts!

OK, that last one is a lie. We ate a lot of donuts.

Thanks to all of our members, friends, backers, and that one guy who rollerbladed right through our open doors in a single smooth arc to ask, “what’s going on in here?” Makeshift Society wouldn’t be what it is without all of you.

Soon we’ll settle our plans for an official party. Until then!