Last week we hosted 50 zine-o-philes who spent the evening creating a collaborative zine from start to finish in one night. In a few short hours we poured over ziney inspiration, heard a talk by Elana Schlenker, created our own zine pages, and printed them out on a risograph manned by Gerardo Madera of Common Satisfactory Standard.

This event was a continuation of the Working Late series we helped Adobe Typekit launch.


All photos by Laura Pardo


After a brief talk by Elana and Gerardo, the design sprint started! No one knew the specs for the zine before the night began, so we all had to jump into it with fresh eyes. Each person designed one page of the zine by drawing something they loved in pink and something they hated in red. We sketched, scribbled, inked; we created with vectors, pixels and pens. There was a lot to love: dachshunds, speed walkers, hotdogs, bagels… And even more to hate: limp handshakes, liars, olives.

LoveHateZine-65  LoveHateZine-74  LoveHateZine-102 LoveHateZine-107

Right as the design sprint finished, dinner was served.  We ate Takikomi Gohan (japanese rice bowls) from Yakitorius Inglorius as the risograph whirled, clacked and printed our pages. The risograph, if you’re not familiar with it, is basically the lovechild of a silkscreen and a copy machine. It prints with beautiful, layered, solid-color inks but works mechanically like a copy machine.




Natalia Baker


Boyoun Kim


Greg Mihalko


Tyler Moody


Erin Rommel

Sue Jean Ko

Sue Jean Ko


Isabel Urbina

Scan 12

Kathleen Scudder

Big thanks to Elana, Gerardo and to Adobe Typekit for making the event happen!


The plan was for everyone to go home with a zine, but we had a small printing hiccup and copies were available in the following days. It’s worth the wait though; and each copy includes a DIY binding kit so you can bind it at home. It was a tiny print run with copies available only for the people who attended, but if you want to have a look you can browse one in the Makeshift Society libraries in Brooklyn and San Francisco.



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