Working Late with Adobe Typekit

At Makeshift Society, a subject close to our hearts is typography. We’ve dreamed of making a building-sized type specimen on our facade. We’ve fawned over Genath’s jaunty lowercase y when choosing it as the new Makeshift typeface. Oh yeah, it’s like that. We’re nerds for type.

Which means that the opportunity to team up with Adobe Typekit to throw a typography-themed event in Brooklyn was easy to say “yes” to. So easy, in fact, that we said yes four times and turned it into a whole event series celebrating typography and the people who love it. We’re calling it Working Late.


Image courtesy of Frank Chimero

One of my favorite things is to watch the “ah-ha” moment happen when people are deep in conversation and someone learns a new thing. You can almost see it on their face. That’s a big part of why we created Makeshift — it’s designed to be a place where casual conversations and formally organized events both lead to new discoveries.

Each of the Working Late events are a chance to meet others who are into the same lettery goodness, learn some new things, celebrate design, and enjoy great food and drink from around Brooklyn. Space is limited at each of these:

September 16: Talking type

We’ll kick off with a panel discussion with Frank Chimero and Jen Mussari, discussing how they use type in both physical and digital mediums, and how they work type into the larger context of their design processes. The discussion will be moderated by Tim Brown. Come hungry: we’ll have chicken and grilled veggie skewers from @YakitoriNYC.

October 2: Crit night

Missing that unvarnished criticism that flows so freely in design school, or around a table of peers? We’ll give three individuals the chance to publicly present one of their projects and receive immediate feedback from Ellen LuptonJason Santa Maria, and James Victore. Three people will be selected for the review, but we’ve got room for plenty more to come and listen in. Even if you’re not ready to share, come anyway to enjoy some wine, nosh on a charcuterie spread from Saucy by Nature, learn something from your brave peers, and meet other people who love type.

(It’s not too early to submit your project for consideration! Sign up here if you’re ready. We’ll notify the selected participants on September 25.)

October 14: Coworking night

Join us for a fun night of coworking; we’ll be serving drinks, the good folks of Lonestar will be dishing out tacos, and it will be a great chance to talk with others about your works in progress. Team members from Typekit, Behance, and the Creative Cloud teams will be here to answer questions, listen to ideas, and help you get past roadblocks. Bring your work in progress, meet people, ask questions, and share ideas about your creative projects.

November 11: Project breakdown

It’s time to look at the big picture. Kelli Anderson will share her design process from beginning to end, starting with a quick presentation of an ambitious design project and then jumping back to the first client meeting, walking through every step of the design and development. This will give you insight into how a pro designer brings an idea from concept to full realization. Come ready to take notes, and save some room for dessert — we’re cooking up a sweet surprise to close out the series.

Tickets for each event are available for $10 apiece on EventBrite. You can sign up today for any of the single events, or go all in on the four-part series package for $30.

See you there!