BK Summer Residents – The Foam Agency



At Makeshift Brooklyn, we love our large conference room. It has wood dry erase boards, a large monitor for presentations, and very strong air conditioning (when you want it). This Summer, our residents Elisa and Lucy will be transforming the room into a work of art by doing an installation inside our translucent wall.


Their project transforms the polycarbonate wall of the conference room into a community design story using reclaimed foam. The two product designers, aka The Foam Agency, will collect materials that have already passed through the hands of creatives and recycle them as  “An Insulation Installation.” It will document and showcase foam “that has already lived an exciting life, foam that has been sawn into pieces, shaped with hot-wire cutters, hacked away with a rasp or sanded down with 600 grit sandpaper.” Here at Makeshift Society you will not find any reclaimed wood, but reclaimed foam is fair game.


Their first submission comes from Steve: “This foam was requisitioned from a scrap pile at the Brooklyn Navy Yard and was destined for prototyping greatness, but when I heard about The Foam Agency I was like… ‘YEAH! This foam needs a home!’”

Follow The Foam Agency on their tumblr and stop by Makeshift Brooklyn for some sweet stickers and patches.

Submit your own foam here!