International Coworking Day

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Makeshift is a community of architects, illustrators, designers, typographers, jewelers, makers, coders and creatives of all kinds. In honor of International Coworking Week, we’re opening our doors for free on Friday, August 8th. Just bring your laptop and a cup of coffee and spend the day working in either of our beautiful, light filled clubhouses. Space is limited, so RSVP for Brooklyn or for San Francisco, and quick!


Member Spotlight: Meet Matilde

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Meet the delightful and talented Matilde Rasmussen, our latest international visitor. Matilde spends her work days at her graphic design studio called All the Way to Paris but recently she made the 8 hour flight from Copenhagen to NYC for just two weeks to prepare for a digital storytelling project she’ll be working on during the Sasso Residency in Switzerland.

When she leaves NYC, Matilde says she’s going to miss “the culture, and all the great inexpensive food options here,” and of course, Makeshift Society! We enjoy having visitors like Matilde who come for a few days, a couple weeks, or maybe a month or two. Welcoming these temporary members of Makeshift Society means they expose us to their excellent work (see below for a sample of Matilde’s) and we help them get tied into the creative networks of New York.

Some of All the Way to Paris’ gorgeous work below.

Georg Jensen — December tales (2013)

ATWTP11556 copy


KSK – Center for Kræft og Sundhed København (2012)





If you happen to be an on out of towner, you can be a visitor too. Next time you’re traveling through New York for work or holiday, come say hi.

Makeshift Brooklyn + Good Eggs


At Makeshift Society we like being part of a neighborhood, and by extension a community, so when we eat, we look for delicious things that are grown nearby. To that end, we are happy to announce that Makeshift Brooklyn is now a pickup spot for Good Eggs, a virtual Farmer’s Market that delivers groceries from local farmers and food makers.

To celebrate the abundance of fresh produce arriving at our doors, we asked the foodies around here to share their favorite recipes. Our member Caroline Lee Jackson, a personal chef, kitchen optimizer and tastemaker, shares her recipe for Blackberry-Peach Cobbler. And most of these ingredients you can order from local producers at Good Eggs!

Blackberry-Peach Cobbler
by Caroline Lee Jackson

My family grew up enjoying cobblers every summer on 4th of July and every weekend thereafter until the last peach was picked! Cobbler recipes vary from one part of the country to another, even from one home to another.
 My favorite cobbler is not crumb-topped (that would be a crisp), biscuit-topped or short-crusted (both shortcakes, if you ask me). A real cobbler has a chewy texture and a crisp top, the smell of brown butter and is enjoyed best with loads of vanilla ice cream. There are two versions, the sweet one and the extra sweet one. I will let you decide how sweet you choose to make yours and add peaches, blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, strawberries and rhubarb singularly or in any combination. Many call this the “Cup-a Recipe” since it is easily remembered as most of the ingredients are measured in whole cups or one cup. (And there’s no shame in eating this year round, frozen fruit works as well as fresh, though the flavor might not be as intense!)

2 cup of blackberries
2 cups sliced ripe peaches
 (not mushy, mealy, or bruised. Buying local ensures less chance of any of the above, store for three days and let ripen at home keeping the peaches separate to stop them from bruising.)
1 cup of milk
1 cup of flour
1 cup of sugar 
+ 1 cup of sugar for fruit (this is where you choose sweet or extra sweet)
1 stick of butter
1 T of baking powder (if yours is 3 months old, purchase a new one for best results)

Items needed
Paring Knife
Large Bowl
Measuring cup and Tablespoon
Soufflé Baking Dish or deep baking dish (3-6″ deep and 7-9″ diameter)

1. Turn oven to 400 degrees.
2. Place stick of butter (unwrapped) in soufflé dish and put in oven to melt.
3. Peel and slice peaches over a bowl saving the juice from the fruit.
4. Add the blackberries and sugar to taste (this is where it goes from sweet to extra sweet depending on your preference).
5. Remove the souffle dish from the oven carefully, it’s hot!
6. Measure and add directly into the souffle dish the milk, flour, sugar and baking powder.
7. Mix until smooth with a whisk.
8. Spoon the fruit (not the juice) over the cobbler batter evenly. Now drizzle the juice on top.
9. Return to the oven and bake for 45 minutes to 1 hour. The center should be firm if you hit the side of the souffle dish. If it jiggles only a little and the top is quite brown, just leave it in the oven, turn off the oven and allow it to set. If it jiggles a lot, keep cooking it and check every 5 minutes. Cover the top if it is browning too deeply with aluminum foil until it is finished.
10. Serve immediately while warm with lots of vanilla ice cream.


Class Preview- Portrait Photography 101 with Sarah Deragon & Jesse Freidin



from Sarah Deragon:

On Sunday, July 27th I have the great honor of teaching a Portrait Photography class with my good friend and super talented photographer, Jesse Freidin.

We thought you should hear directly from us why you should come, so here goes:

Jesse says:
In this class I’ll be providing students with very important, yet easily understandable, technical information. Building a strong understanding of camera basics is the most fool-proof way of improving one’s photography- that means understanding what aperture is and how to use, where the shutter speed and ISO knobs are, and how to seamlessly move through all these settings with ease. Photography is available to everyone, but the way in which you understand it’s complexities will make you a better photographer, with a true style. I love teaching with Sarah at Makeshift because we both get to share our passion for portraiture, and get students excited and confident about creating their own portraits. Also, we laugh a lot and balance each other out quite well- I think it makes for a wonderful learning environment for our students.



Sarah says:

I’m excited to be teaching this class again because I love photography and I am especially fond of taking natural light portraits. Taking portraits of people can be extremely daunting and I am going to be sharing my top tips and tricks to make folks feel comfortable and relaxed in front of the camera. We will address issues like: what do I do with my hands, how to build rapport with your subject, how to position and pose someone without making it look contrived and how to get a genuine smile out of your person. I love teaching this class with Jesse because he’s a technical genius and has a wonderful approach to showing you the complexities of your camera without overwhelming you with technical jargon. I took a class from him years ago and it totally helped to shape me into the photographer I am today. We will spend a lot of time actually shooting too because that’s the best way to learn – through practice!

Something new we’re offering this session is two breakout sessions after we go on a photo adventure in Hayes Valley. Jesse will be talking to folks about all things technical – workflow, software, and camera settings. I will be leading the break out group offering advice and support for photographers.


We encourage all levels of students to attend and please bring any camera you have including (but not limited to): DLSRs, iPhones, Smartphones, Point and Shoot Cameras, and/or Film Cameras.

Checklist of Things to Bring:
Shooting Gear
Laptop (not required)
Editing Software (not required)

We hope to see you in class and please share this class with your networks. We’d love to have a full house for this exciting class!

See you in a few weeks!

Jesse & Sarah

BK Summer Residents – The Foam Agency



At Makeshift Brooklyn, we love our large conference room. It has wood dry erase boards, a large monitor for presentations, and very strong air conditioning (when you want it). This Summer, our residents Elisa and Lucy will be transforming the room into a work of art by doing an installation inside our translucent wall.


Their project transforms the polycarbonate wall of the conference room into a community design story using reclaimed foam. The two product designers, aka The Foam Agency, will collect materials that have already passed through the hands of creatives and recycle them as  “An Insulation Installation.” It will document and showcase foam “that has already lived an exciting life, foam that has been sawn into pieces, shaped with hot-wire cutters, hacked away with a rasp or sanded down with 600 grit sandpaper.” Here at Makeshift Society you will not find any reclaimed wood, but reclaimed foam is fair game.


Their first submission comes from Steve: “This foam was requisitioned from a scrap pile at the Brooklyn Navy Yard and was destined for prototyping greatness, but when I heard about The Foam Agency I was like… ‘YEAH! This foam needs a home!’”

Follow The Foam Agency on their tumblr and stop by Makeshift Brooklyn for some sweet stickers and patches.

Submit your own foam here!