SF Q1 Residency Recap

from Holley Murchison, our SF Q1 Resident:

I remember excitedly doodling the first iteration of the idea for Breaking Bread on my apartment wall back in NYC a little over a year ago. And now, thanks to Makeshift Society’s residency program, it’s all coming to life. Thanks again so much to Rena for believing in the idea and to Christina and Ashley for being so supportive along the way!

Breaking Bread will be a recorded series of dinner conversations with power players, makers and doers across a range of industries. Released monthly, each installment will host a new guest and in the spirit of community and collaboration, we’ll be inviting a few like-minds to the table to join us. Through a combination of video recap and podcast, we’ll be sharing the magic from these intimate events with the public.

As a society, when we discuss success, sometimes we only get to see the shiny parts. The glory. The finish line. But in doing that, we forget how important the journey is and the trials and tribulations along the way become almost like a secret. In turn, we get this false message suggesting that it’s all supposed to be easy and the part where you struggle/don’t have all the answers is a bad thing (or something to be ashamed of). So beyond conversation, BreakingBread is a celebration of the journey. And through that celebration we’re hoping to inspire not just collaboration, but action.

I spoke at length with Kamaly, my partner on the project, about what we wanted to accomplish during my residency. We carved out a few realistic deliverables and thanks to the MSS community (aka, you guys!), we were able to make some great progress.


Where are we now?

We officially have our roadmap for a January 2015 launch along with a production team and advisors to see the vision through. And we were incredibly fortunate to get the lead designers from The Bold Italic on board to build out the full brand identity. Over the summer and fall, we’ll be focused on designing and building out the Breaking Bread set, developing partnerships with intimate venue spaces between the SF Bay Area and NYC, securing our first guests, and recording the first three installments.

We’re really excited about how things will unfold over the coming months leading up to the launch. If you’re interested in staying in the loop as things progress and being added to the mailing, feel free to shoot me an email anytime: holley@holleywithane.com.