RMIT comes to Makeshift

This week we’ve had a group of six students from RMIT in Melbourne working with us and it’s great to have all these new faces around. The students of RMIT University are big on coworking, and we’re pumped that they came all the way from Australia and choose us to be their hosts.

We were able to catch up with a few of the students in the School of Media and Communication program this afternoon, so say hello to Tanya Wasylewski, Helen Cheung, and Numan Naveed (from left to right). We asked what they like most about working at Makeshfit Society and they responded: light, more light, and the productive, calm atmosphere.


They’ve been exploring NYC for just over a week and have already found some favorite Williamsburg spots (besides us, of course). Helen, a graphic design student, loves meandering down Bedford Ave, Tanya, an educational technology student, just discovered one of our favorite neighborhood spots, Saltie, and Numan, also a graphic design student, spent this past weekend checking out a bookbinding fair and hopping around Brooklyn rooftops. To aid their explorations we slipped them each a copy of the Makeshift Society neighborhood map, and you can check it out too right here on Jauntful.