Meet n’ Greet: Livia Cetti


Livia is an absolutely incredible paper flower artist located right here in NY. We caught up with her to find out a little more about her world before her Paper Peony Class on June 26th 7-9 PM. We’re so excited to have her teach us Makeshifters some of her secrets.


Makeshift: Where do you feel the most compelled to create?

Livia Cetti: I feel most creative in my garden, or in   the wild surrounded by nature. Or in the city shopping and looking at the street or in windows. And strangely, when I’m under pressure to create. And when it’s raining.

Makeshift: What do you do when you’re not busy magically turning paper into flowers?

Livia Cetti: I like to cook, and garden, and collect/rearrange furniture.

Makeshift: Who are some of your favorite artists, crafters, creative people?

Livia Cetti: Just off the top of my head, Confetti Systems, Francis Bacon, Janine Janet, Cody Hoyt, Madderlake, Henry Darger, Lilith Rocket, and John Derian.   I’m also inspired by vintage textiles, ethnic textiles, vintage ribbon,  natural pigments, Japanese pastries  (really most things Japanese!) millinery flowers, Bauhaus ceramics, shells, miniatures, multiples, Bloom magazine and World of Interiors.

*            *             *

Find out more about Livia and her technique at her workshop next week! We’ll also have her new book available for purchase, The Exquisite Book of Paper Flowers.