Lunch Bunch with Storehouse

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If you’re a San Francisco MSS member, join us next Wednesday May 28 for a little presentation/demo from Storehouse.

Storehouse is visual storytelling platform that seamlessly combines photographs, videos, and text to tell beautiful, scrolling stories online. Stories are built using the iPad app and then can be shared in the app and over the web.

It’s a venue for multimedia stories that require more than a slideshow. You can feature processes, studio tours, show whats new at a boutique, profile a “day in the life” of an artist, and announce new projects. In addition to these uses, in the past 4 months we have seen news stories, travel stories, recipes, how-to’s, elementary school projects, and all kinds of other uses.

Galleries and blogs are hard to maintain, there aren’t many design options without knowledge of code, and you have to drive traffic to them in order for them to be seen. With Storehouse, the design is simple so you can focus on the narrative. I love that there is a community discovering the content within the app, but you can also use our new preview embed feature to drive traffic to the story from your website. See the preview embed in action here on Nylon Mag and also on our blog. The videos play automatically in the preview. Sweet.

We have new features coming out this summer that will allow for easier browsing and discovery within the app and to create groups of stories for other Storehouse members to follow.

Lunch Bunch runs from 12-1 every other Wednesday, and if you have something you want to present to our group let us know.