Aesop + Makeshift Society


What do essential oils and co-working have in common? Besides providing some much needed relaxing after a long day of work (hellooo lavender & chamomile), Makeshift was invited to the chic Aesop on Fillmore last week for an Essential Oil Workshop.

We were greeted with a hand wash at their beautiful sink station followed by a glass of wine. Talk about being pampered! The store manager introduced us to Aesop and their luxurious products. Founded in the 80’s in Australia, they use both cold pressed plant-based materials and laboratory-made ingredients that are highest quality and have a focus on anti-oxidant properties, which means they are simply best!

aesop-3 aseop-2
We were then introduced to 7 different essential oils they utilize in their range of beauty and skin care products. They kept our noses thinking and often stumped us with what oil we were smelling. Think your discerning¬†nose can stand up to the challenge? A few of the Aesop essences we experienced were parsley seed, violet leaf, and petit grain. If you went huh when you heard petit grain, your not the only one! We were all unable to figure our the elusive smell of the leaves of the bitter orange plant. Clove essence was more identifiable, evoking memories of Winter time soirees and mulled cider. We learned that each essential oil has it’s own fingerprint, just like that of a snowflake!

Similar to essential oils, each store has their own look and design. It is a good reflection of the style of the city it is in.¬†The San Francisco store is minimal with a beautiful display of natural wooden boxes with lovely vignettes of their skin care items, not a thing out of place and impeccable service. Head to Fillmore Street if you have not stopped into the Aesop store in Pacific Heights, It’s definitely an experience to be had!

Thank you to Aesop for inviting us to your lovely space and being such gracious hosts for our members!