MSS Member Spotlight- Launch Sessions

Today we are featuring the dynamic duo behind Launch Sessions– Ariana Pritchett and Katrina McHugh.

How would you describe Launch Sessions?

Launch Sessions is a micro-business support team. Created by a coach and designer duo, we work with creative entrepreneurs and change makers who are looking to start something new or mix up what they’ve already got going. By pairing thoughtful business strategy with quality custom design folks not only build a map to where they want to go, but also have a new identity to help them look good along the way.

What does an average day look like for you?

Both of us work primarily from home, Ariana in Oakland and Katrina in San Francisco, so our days often begin by throwing on a hoodie, grabbing a cup of coffee and parking it at the computer while we go through our work plan over the phone. The rest of the day varies, filled with client meetings, marketing, leads follow up, art direction prep, accounting, and other various projects that get thrown our way. We break up our day by taking our dogs for walks, having networking brunches with other fun creatives, pursuing our own creative projects, and trying to reap the benefits of being self-employed by making those daytime appointments or running errands without the crowds.

What are some of the tools that you use?

We love anything that helps simplify systems and daily tasks. Our business mainly runs on Google Apps but other favorites include: Harvest, Boomerang, Hootsuite and for meetings and screen sharing. The design studio is up in the Adobe Creative Suite all day but getting off of the computer and into the physical world is important too. We can often been seeing getting our hands dirty with sketchbooks, colored markers and giant pads of paper for our meeting notes.

What is your workspace like?

Ariana has a studio in the lower level of her house where she can meet with clients, work in peace, and even rent out on airbnb for some extra income. It is homey with great natural light, but truth be told many days she stays upstairs working from her couch.

Katrina has an art studio in her SF apartment and perches in the top floor bay window behind her giant imac most days. She’s lucky to have plants, light, and little dog to keep her company but the best part is having two separate desks – one for business and one for purely creative endeavors. As a creative working from home it can be hard to switch gears between things like accounting and illustration. The defined spaces for each make a world of difference.

What type of role does Makeshift Society play in your work?

Makeshift has been such a huge player in growing our business. We have received referral clients through members, used their lending library in a pinch, found incredible resources like our photographer and lawyer, as well as utilized their space as a place to meet with clients from SF in person. We love Makeshift and wouldn’t be where we are today with out them!