MSS Member Spotlight- Einat Argaman

Today’s MSS Member Spotlight features Einat Argaman, who runs the blog Design Break.

Makeshift Blog - Einat


How would you describe Design Break?

DesignBreak shines a spotlight on emerging designers as well as veteran and/or less well-known designers and brands, and helps them get discovered by the public and by the industry. DesignBreak is constantly inspired by new designers and trends of the scene, and while it has a strong personality of its own, it’s always evolving and growing with the times. In 2009 I started out as a blogger trying spread the word about the impressive design scene in Israel (that’s one of the reasons I decided to write it in English) and that’s how and why it all started. Today the blog is more international (and features designers from around the world (moving to San Francisco helped :).

Most of the designers (like I once used to be) like doing their own thing, designing from morning to evening in their studio without worrying about anything else. I guess that in a way, I’m helping them spread the word out. Some know what’s needed to be done but there are others who need to be pushed and be encouraged and that’s what I’m here for.

What made you want to start Design Break?

I studied Interaction & Digital Media Design (a long long time ago). At the beginning of my design career I worked as an e-learning designer and then switched to web design. At some point I decided that I needed to explore a different path. I found out that I love to design but not so much designing for someone other than myself. So, after much thought, and being encouraged by my partner, I quit my job and took some time to think about my next step in life.

I used to sit in front of my computer and gaze for hours at so many inspiring design blogs and I was really blown away by all of the variety. I wasn’t thinking about a blog of my own and actually it was my partner who came up with the idea (he knows me better than I do). After giving it some thought, I decided to give it a try. I always wanted to be some sort of an ambassador, so writing about the mad talent in Israel sounded like an obvious choice.

What does an average day look like for you?

You can say that for me design comes first and that is how I choose to live my life. I love being surrounded by white spaces, dashes of colors and lots of amazing designers. Oh and… most importantly, my coffee breaks are crucial for my everyday survival. I guess that being some sort of Instagram junky is also a big part of my daily life. Most days I start by scrolling down my Instagram and Pinterest feeds (actually that’s also how my night ends) while I have a big cup of latte in my hand. After eating a huge bowl of fresh fruits and drinking another cup of latte, I sit in front of my computer and go through my inbox (I must say that being approached by designers that otherwise I wouldn’t have known about, feels pretty special. I’m also lucky enough to establish a close bond with most of the top design schools in Israel and their PR department informs me about what’s going on during the school year). A few times a week, mid day I’ll schedule a couple of meetings with local designers or bloggers. I always make a point to combine it with a gallery or a design shop visit (and a yummy treat on the side). After a few hours away from my computer, I’ll go back home and to sitting in front of my beloved computer. Answer some emails and continue working on future posts and other projects. I love sitting in front of my computer and just sailing away to the unknown and that’s never going to change.

What are some of the tools that you use?

As far for apps and programs, I usually use Photoshop and wordpress as my right hand. I also try and keep up with my ever-floating bloglovin/feedly and Evernote.  Since Instagram came to my life, I began following a few design students and from their feeds I discover a whole new world of talented people. Pinterset and also my FaceBook feed is filled with lots of design related news that I go through each and every day to stay on to of things.

What is your workspace like?

To be honest, it’s still a work in progress.  I always need a bright and white space so my white table and white chair are a must. My iMac (a pretty new and exciting gift from the Mr.) makes everything looks a lot fancier. Other than that, you can find lots of patterned pans, few black and white notebooks (most of them will have a polka dot flare) and ceramic stamps on top of my table. Oh and recently I bought one of Courtney Cerruti’s illustrations and I’m so happy to look at it each and every day.

What type of role does Makeshift Society play in your work?

I moved to San Francisco from Israel about a year ago. I remember learning about Makeshift Society before knowing I would move, I didn’t even imagine ever visiting it in person. BUT the minute I knew that San Francisco is going to be my new home I had a feeling that Makeshift will play a big role in my new adventure. Coming to a new country with no friends or family, I had to find myself a home away from home and assembly a new creative net. And so, at the beginning I visited the clubhouse once a week and began learning the “American way of being” in small inspirational doses. I met some pretty special and inspiring girls that some of them became with time some of my favorite people in the city (hi there, Ashley and Kat!)  A while back I switched to being a supporting member and I can honestly say that the mailing list and the ability to read and be introduced to some of the bay area’s most talented and diverse people makes a big difference in the way I explore the creative side of the city. I learn about upcoming shows and events that I get to explore first hand and then write about or even discover new and exciting creators in so many disciplines. You can say that now it’s more of informative kind of role but it’s much more than that. It makes me feel like there are so many like minded people out there that I still want to get to know and learn about and Makeshift is right there by my side to guide me in the right direction. It must sounds a bit cheesy but that’s how I feel…