Meet our 1st quarter residents

it’s a new year, a new quarter even, and we are pleased to introduce our new residents!

our part time resident is David Anderson


“Hi, I’m David.

I can be loud, but mostly I live a quietly reflective existence. I share more (resources, thoughts) than I probably should. I love digging to the heart of any issue, eschewing binary characterizations, & inserting myself into difficult situations of any kind. Ultimate frisbee is both my primary social fun & exercise. My nickname on (& off) the field is Pug, so feel free to call me that.

For work, I do tech entrepreneurship, as applied to positive change, first in the blogging world, and now in the crowdfunding world. I started & kinda sold, re-acquired, re-sold GreenOptions (2006-2009), started & sold Important Media (2010-2013), am an alumnus of Virgance (2008-09) & early operations at One Block Off The Grid (2009-10). In 2012, I fundraised on Kickstarter for a short, interview-based documentary about the hot springs my family has tried to protect, and shipped it. I helped make multiple prototypes for a crowdfunding platform focused on socially-valuable, long-term projects, called openfire, with its first successful public test runs at SXSW2013. Starting at StartupWeekend Vegas #6, I helped turn that code into a crowdfunding platform for touring musicians, which ended up as TourAlong. Although I consulted for a while on crowdfunding campaigns and related initiatives, I’m currently entirely focused on inspiring people to think of money differently, via my new startup, Trust Labs.



our full time resident is Holley Murchison

Holley M. Bio Photo

Holley Murchison is a social entrepreneur and rhetoric coach using education, food and music as conduits for change. Since 2011, she’s managed operations as founding partner of The Hall Pass Tour; a nationwide concert and events company designed to get underserved youth excited about leveraging higher learning to pursue their dreams.

A native of NYC, her work is centered around creating innovative, sustainable solutions to advance education, help the world communicate better and take (big and small) leaps toward championing and executing their ideas.


Thank you David & Holley! We look forward to seeing the process and collaborations that result from your residency!