Member Mentions

Our members are always up to the most fantastic and creative endeavors, it’s so hard to keep track sometimes! We have decided to catalog their accomplishments here with Member Mentions. Here are some current and noteworthy things we spied:
Member Mentions 11-12-13


Member George Zisiadis is an interactive artist that some say may just be the happiest guy in San Francisco. He has been creating art pieces all over the country like and The Pulse of the City in Boston or The Bubbleverse here in San Francisco. The self proclaimed Chief Happiness Scientist, George is constantly thinking up knew ways to bring joy to others. If you have a fun-tabulous idea that you’d like to execute, send your thoughts his way. They may just be funded via his side project The Awesome Foundation!

Christy Natsumi released a new jewelry collection Matters Of The Heart. Christy crafts all of her jewelry locally here in San Francisco and produced with eco-practices in mind. The collection is  meant to chronicle the journey of a our hearts traveling through this world — hence cue hearts with spikes, hearts tangled, magic wands, and more.

Whisk, member Maggie Spicer’s company, celebrated its first birthday on September 6th, 2013. With a year behind them, here are some of their favorite memories from this first year as a company!

“We’ve gotten engineers to leave their screens and get down Gangnam style…taken a globally-core-valued company on a 5-week culinary adventure around the world, experiencing a different country each day through their palate…brought city-slickers out to the country on retreats showcasing an exciting new generation of farmers in the Bay Area…gotten teams off their asanas and on to the yoga mat…. produced panels on building culture from the ground up and analyzed the effects of beverages as stimulants on the brain and mood….and finally, ensured the most important meal of the day (breakfast!) was a great one, partnering up with some of the cityʼs best and brightest food producers and crafters! Cheers – to many more deeply engaged people, communities, and years ahead!”

Images via 1/2/3