Makeshift Brooklyn Weeks 008-011

I never thought that heating and cooling equipment could be so exciting but this week marked the beginning of construction at Makeshift BK, and seeing the equipment being installed was a significant milestone for us. This is part of the landlord’s work, which includes the boring-but-necessary details like air conditioning. The images will get more enticing when we take over and begin building out the new kitchen, conferences rooms, and everything else.



To make all of that possible, we need architectural plans (done) and a general contractor. Last week we concluded the bidding process and selected a contractor. Another milestone passed. We’ll begin working with them next week to calibrate the budget and timeline for the construction work.

Among the weaknesses that our team suffer from, furniture is somewhere high on the list, so it has been a struggle to stay focused and on budget. Since returning from Japan (which was awesome) I have been spending a lot of time on furniture: hunting for it, pricing it out, talking to potential sponsors, and filling up spreadsheets detailing all of the above.

FLOR is the first relationship that we can talk about. They’ve contributed a couple rugs which we’ll be making creative use of. Their modular system is great for us because it means we can remix and adapt as desired.


A couple of my meetings with other potential collaborators were on-site and it’s still fun to watch peoples’ eyes go wide when they enter our ground floor space. Hopefully some of the conversations mature and in a couple weeks we can share more about the groups who will be joining FLOR as a sponsor and collaborator of Makeshift Society.

Other ongoing activities include Kickstarter reward production fulfillment, a refresh of the website, and assorted non-construction needs in Brooklyn such as bandwidth, phone lines, and access control. This involves meetings with coffee and a lot of paper, including a couple weeks ago with Hardhat:


Today we learned an important lesson: do not try to research and shop for security systems on the day after Thanksgiving. No one is answering their phones. Luckily there’s no shortage of things to look after.