Kickstarter Success – Notes from our Playbook!

from Maksehift Society member Nicole Delger

Rena Tom and Bryan Boyer and a team of collaborators just celebrated reaching $31,905 on Kickstarter for Makeshift Society’s recent crowdfunding campaign for their expansion into Brooklyn.

Congrats all around!

Looking to launch your own campaign? Here is some of my favorite advice lifted right from Makeshift’s playbook!

When Rena asked for some help as they mapped out their plan of attack for conquering Kickstarter, I was happy to oblige. I was in the final stages of writing my book, Get Funded, and was excited to share it in its early form.

The best way to ensure success is smart planning. So here is a little peek behind the curtain of some of my favorite aspects of the campaign:

1. Get testimonials from your customers.

As we planned, we asked some very specific questions to the Makeshift community and how co-working from the San Francisco space had benefit them. The responses were fantastic, and we peppered it in throughout the campaign write up. This help get potential Brooklynites excited about what MSS could do for them.

2. We created some invaluable rewards.

We created some experiential rewards, such as dinner with Makeshift Founders and strategic advisors. For those who might be keen on meeting a blogger or influencer for a full hour of advice, conversation, and face time, this was a great way to support a wonderful initiative and have a great session with someone you admire.

3. Invest in a great video.

Rena brought in Wild Combination to create a top-notch video. They did an amazing job of having it be creative, but also being clear about what Makeshift was building, why they needed the funds, and where they were going to be used. The cost of entry into the crowdfunding world is getting tougher as more and more people launch campaigns. Invest in video if you want to ensure success.

4. Collaborate!

Rena and the Makeshift crew did everything from pulling in guest artists and friends for rewards, to getting folks at the clubhouse to be online ambassadors, to collaborating late at night via-google docs to map out the communications for the campaign. If you have a grand vision, bring in a team to help you bring it to life. A successful campaign can have someone at the helm, but needs a supportive team there helping make it happen. Ask yourself: who’s on your team?

If you’re looking for more advice, check out my step-by-step guide called, Get Funded: A kick-ass plan for running a successful crowdfunding campaign. In it, I map out from start to finish how to plan and manage the promotion of your crowdfunding campaign.

For a limited time, I am offering it up at half price for Makeshifters and their friends (that’s just $5) with this link, and you can get my full downloaded plan (include docs, scripts, and additional resources) for $90 here—saving you hours of prep and planning.

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