7 Reasons Why New York Needs Makeshift Society

Seven days in to our Kickstarter Campaign and we have reached over 125 generous backers. Not to mention, we are on our way to raising one third of our $30,000 goal for Makeshift Society Brooklyn. So, first things first: THANK YOU! We hope to keep this energy going until the end of October, so in the meantime, let’s remind ourselves why the East coast needs this creative resource.

Photo by Sarah Deragon, Makeshift Member

Photo by Sarah Deragon, Makeshift Member


  1. New environment. The reason Makeshift stands out beyond many other community working spaces is that it welcomes a wide range of professionals. From freelance artists (designers, illustrators, photographers) to writers, social media managers, and other small business owners – this space provides a single place where a variety of people can get together and learn from each other.
  2. Outlets! Alright, New Yorkers – We’ve all been there. You know how it goes; you get to your favorite coffee shop slash office, and there isn’t a free outlet to plug your laptop charger in to.  It happens to all of us, and there’s no way waiting for someone to leave, so you can grab his or her spot at a ninja pace can be fun. When we bring Makeshift to Brooklyn, you will never have to work under the span of your battery power again. With your help, we will have power sources for every member.
  3. Built in critique panel. Have an idea you’re not sure about? Spare yourself another conversation with your cat, and go get yourself a spot at Makeshift Brooklyn. With an abundance of creative-minded people, all you have to do to get some feedback on your work is ask. Which brings us to #4.
  4. One is the loneliest number. Endless nights working at home can definitely become lonely. Makeshift Society was founded on the concept of community. That means, when you have a membership to a co-working clubhouse, working alone will become more and more rare and freelance loneliness will be a thing of the past.
  5. Tables! In case you hadn’t seen Bryan’s post touching on this subject, we will include this every day object in our list of reasons why Brooklyn needs MSS.  We can take a wild guess and assume our future MSS members are tired of working from their kitchen tables, and are looking forward to our doors opening for this one special resource. Tables are a catalyst for sharing ideas, as they plant a space for a group of people to talk and discuss an infinite range of concepts. Makeshift Society, Brooklyn will have tables so that members can have a foundation for trading ideas and bringing them to life.
  6. Work, learn, grow. Not only will Makeshift Society bring a setting to the New York area that makes the freelance life a little less lonely, it will also bring a tremendous amount of opportunities to learn and meet like-minded people. As we do here in San Francisco, we will look forward to hosting classes, workshops, and lectures for our members to attend or create themselves.
  7. Your own space. Even though the clubhouse in San Francisco is only 1,000 square feet, we still manage having several different areas so that our members can find a space or zone that parallels with their mood. When Makeshift Society opens in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, members are welcome to work where they feel suits them.


As we are counting down the days (and dollars) til we reach our goal, these are only a fraction of reasons why we can’t help but be thrilled to bring Makeshift Society to a whole new territory. If you would like to pledge your support to our campaign, please visit our Kickstarter.


And one last thank you to ALL of our supporters – without you, this would not be possible!