Residency update: Stacy Adimando

Our residents have been hard at work getting their projects off the ground, and we are pleased to share an update from Stacy.

“First and foremost, I’ve loved all the time spent brainstorming, emailing and cooking up ideas in the Makeshift studio space. It’s such an inspiring place to work! Here’s what I’ve been up to in the last six weeks:

Again, my partner Steve and I are setting out to launch an events company that will take guests right to the source of where their food is grown, harvested or farmed. On site, an amazing food expert will teach them all about the trade (be it oyster farming or running a creamery), including hands-on learning time. Then it’s time for the celebration: We’ll throw a gorgeous themed dinner right on location, featuring the foods we’ve learned about that day. Within the Makeshift walls and beyond, word of mouth has been a fabulous way of getting to know some amazing local food purveyors, talented chefs and farm-y hideaways in and around the Bay Area. For the past six weeks, we have been meeting all kinds of food artisans, farmers and growers—from owners of a sheep’s milk creamery in Marin County to a small-scale distillery in wine country. We’ve also discovered some gorgeous local brands and talented creators whose goods we hope to feature in our upcoming feasts: Think hand-thrown ceramics, rustic florists, and furniture makers and vendors that bring a vintage feel to their work.

We’re getting close to narrowing down sites and themes for our first two events! We hope to have them scheduled and available for ticket purchase by the fall. And, in addition, we’re exploring the idea of overnight events with some great potential partners in the world of “glamping”. So after learning and feasting, our guests will someday be able to sleep (comfortably and stylishly!) under the stars!

In the meantime, there is lots to do to get our company off the ground. We’re in the process of getting our LLC, applying for the food and alcohol permits we need, and deciding on branding, a web page and the ways we will promote our events.

Last but not least, we’re getting closer to choosing a final name. While “Ever Hungry” encapsulates the passion for finding and learning about new food pursuits, we have a few other options up in the air that may do a better job at describing our concept—events where you can learn about and celebrate your food right at its source. We can’t wait for the big reveal!

Have any name ideas? Please send them our way! Shoot me an email through my website, at


Thank you Stacy. We too look forward to the big reveal!