Member Spotlight- Soft Cities & Hardwood Maps

We are constantly amazed by our talented members and the things they create.

We’re also thrilled when members want to share their amazing products with their fellow members and the clubhouse-at-large.

In addition to our wonderful Soft Cities blanket (which if you haven’t done so needs your x marks the spot, members) we now have a Hardwood World Map by the front desk.

Here’s a little info about these amazing makers, and be sure to check out both items the next time you’re in the clubhouse.

Thank you tons Joel & Nikki!!


Joel Goyette of Hardwood Maps:

I fell in love with woodworking in the eighth grade, amazed at how beauty can be coaxed out of rough and raw lumber. Today I’m a proud member of the Bay Area maker movement and enjoy spending time creating new designs and improving my skills at places like the Makeshift Society and TechShop San Francisco.

My collection of exotic hardwood maps draws inspiration from my love of exploring faraway lands, languages and lifestyles. Ever since I began living abroad in high school (as an exchange student in Argentina, Brazil and Spain) I’ve always had a map on my wall to remind me of where I’ve been and where I’ve yet to go.

2IBkH Savannah-Mounted-Map-2


Nikki Rodenbeck of Soft Cities:

Soft Cities is a textile company specializing in mapping your stories. Their custom designed maps feature your favorite location and up to three markers pointing out your most meaningful places: where you live, where your child was born, where you got married, or where she said yes, etc. Maps can be printed as a blanket on super soft, lightweight fleece or as a set of four napkins on beautiful Kona Cotton. Map styles are created in collaboration with award-winning Stamen Design and OpenStreetMap contributors. 5% of every sale goes toward the OpenStreetMap Foundation to keep map data free.

Each customer works directly with designer and owner, Nikki Gunn Rodenbeck and because each order is unique, that one-on-one experience with the customer is what drives her through the more challenging parts of running her own business like keeping the whole operation local to San Francisco, posting on Twitter (and Pinterest, and Facebook and her blog), and remembering to take out the trash. Started just three years ago as a way to keep her sanity while getting pregnant and raising a newborn, Nikki uses all of her past hats in marketing, media, and design to create map products that are beautiful, thoughtful, and fun.