Lunch Bunch with Shopseen


For lunch bunch on Wednesday, we had guest speaker Adeel Ahmad from Shopseen come by and speak to our members about his product. He shared with us how it developed it, how it works, and ways it is so useful for makers selling their wares and goods.

Like most great products and services, Shopseen was developed from a need. This need was for the vintage store he co-owns with Kristin, Vacation in San Francisco (they were featured with us in the same article in this years 7×7 Best of SF issue!) They required a seamless way to manage their products in the shop and online in multiple places. Enter Shopseen.

Shopseen allows you to post your products once and it will list it everywhere ready to sell with out the redundancy of re-uploading onto multiple sites. You can sell right through Shopseen as well if you do not have a shop already set up. There is also an importance placed on social media. With in Shopseen you can instantly promote your products on Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and Instagram. Imagine all of the time you’ll save from not having to rinse, wash, and repeat the listing process. You’ll be able to spend more time making!

Other features that are included are analytical across all of shops, automatic inventory updates once something is sold, and managing fulfillment like issuing refunds and printing mailing labels. We can definitely see a lot of Makeshift members utilizing and benefiting from Shopseen’s capabilities.

They have a pop-up shop launch party in the next fee months, be on the look out for this on Twitter and Facebook and go check them out!

Posted by on August 12, 2013 and tagged with: Events