MSS members and the Martha Stewart American Made contest

it’s no secret that our members are some of the most wildly talented folks around, and 10 of them have been nominated in this years Martha Stewart American Made contest.

the contest celebrates American makers in the fields of craft, design, style, food, garden, and technology.

take a peek at the following nominees, and if you see them around the clubhouse give them a big hi-five!

congrats to you all!!

Shannon Kaye (Design category for her Plein Heir collection)

Julie Wagne (Craft categogy for fashion accessories made from African looms)

Andria Sato (Craft category for her letterpress goods)

Lisa Anderson Shaffer (Craft category for her handcrafted accessories for men & women)

Jessica Davies (Style category for her silver jewelry)

Ellen Mattesi (Design category for her interiors and decor for children’s spaces)

Alyson Thomas (Craft category for her quirky, obsessive, and accurate art for food lovers)

Jen Hewett (Style category for her hand-printed textiles)

Tiffanie Turner (Craft category for her tiny egg and giant peony piñatas)

Taylor Reid -Western Editions (Craft category for her letterpress printshop)


Makeshift Society Is Turning 1

Get out your party hats and fancy attire, we are having a birthday party! On September 17th 2012, Makeshift Society opened it’s doors to the movers, makers, and shifters of San Francisco. To mark our 1 year anniversary, we are hosting a day long celebration on Saturday September 21st.

The day will be broken up into two parts. The first half of the day will be an open house from 12pm-4pm. This is for non-members and members alike to come explore Makeshift and see what we are all about. We will have refreshments and demos from a selection of our members. If you do not currently have a membership, but are interested, come on by!

In the evening is our members only party from 6pm-9pm. It is sure to be a magical night of goodies, drinks, wine, raffles, and photos. Oh, and birthday cake! All members wanting to attend MUST purchase a ticket. You may also purchase a ticket for a +1 to accompany you. A ticket purchase also enters you into a raffle of a selection of prizes donated from our gracious members. We can’t want to see all of our Makeshifters there!

We are putting all of the proceeds made from the anniversary party towards our newest outpost in Brooklyn, New York! As a member, you will receive reciprocal membership in our NYC space and opportunity to tap into their equally creative community.


Image courtesy of CO/OP

Residency update: Stacy Adimando

Our residents have been hard at work getting their projects off the ground, and we are pleased to share an update from Stacy.

“First and foremost, I’ve loved all the time spent brainstorming, emailing and cooking up ideas in the Makeshift studio space. It’s such an inspiring place to work! Here’s what I’ve been up to in the last six weeks:

Again, my partner Steve and I are setting out to launch an events company that will take guests right to the source of where their food is grown, harvested or farmed. On site, an amazing food expert will teach them all about the trade (be it oyster farming or running a creamery), including hands-on learning time. Then it’s time for the celebration: We’ll throw a gorgeous themed dinner right on location, featuring the foods we’ve learned about that day. Within the Makeshift walls and beyond, word of mouth has been a fabulous way of getting to know some amazing local food purveyors, talented chefs and farm-y hideaways in and around the Bay Area. For the past six weeks, we have been meeting all kinds of food artisans, farmers and growers—from owners of a sheep’s milk creamery in Marin County to a small-scale distillery in wine country. We’ve also discovered some gorgeous local brands and talented creators whose goods we hope to feature in our upcoming feasts: Think hand-thrown ceramics, rustic florists, and furniture makers and vendors that bring a vintage feel to their work.

We’re getting close to narrowing down sites and themes for our first two events! We hope to have them scheduled and available for ticket purchase by the fall. And, in addition, we’re exploring the idea of overnight events with some great potential partners in the world of “glamping”. So after learning and feasting, our guests will someday be able to sleep (comfortably and stylishly!) under the stars!

In the meantime, there is lots to do to get our company off the ground. We’re in the process of getting our LLC, applying for the food and alcohol permits we need, and deciding on branding, a web page and the ways we will promote our events.

Last but not least, we’re getting closer to choosing a final name. While “Ever Hungry” encapsulates the passion for finding and learning about new food pursuits, we have a few other options up in the air that may do a better job at describing our concept—events where you can learn about and celebrate your food right at its source. We can’t wait for the big reveal!

Have any name ideas? Please send them our way! Shoot me an email through my website, at


Thank you Stacy. We too look forward to the big reveal!

Lunch Bunch with Shopseen


For lunch bunch on Wednesday, we had guest speaker Adeel Ahmad from Shopseen come by and speak to our members about his product. He shared with us how it developed it, how it works, and ways it is so useful for makers selling their wares and goods.

Like most great products and services, Shopseen was developed from a need. This need was for the vintage store he co-owns with Kristin, Vacation in San Francisco (they were featured with us in the same article in this years 7×7 Best of SF issue!) They required a seamless way to manage their products in the shop and online in multiple places. Enter Shopseen.

Shopseen allows you to post your products once and it will list it everywhere ready to sell with out the redundancy of re-uploading onto multiple sites. You can sell right through Shopseen as well if you do not have a shop already set up. There is also an importance placed on social media. With in Shopseen you can instantly promote your products on Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and Instagram. Imagine all of the time you’ll save from not having to rinse, wash, and repeat the listing process. You’ll be able to spend more time making!

Other features that are included are analytical across all of shops, automatic inventory updates once something is sold, and managing fulfillment like issuing refunds and printing mailing labels. We can definitely see a lot of Makeshift members utilizing and benefiting from Shopseen’s capabilities.

They have a pop-up shop launch party in the next fee months, be on the look out for this on Twitter and Facebook and go check them out!

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Member Spotlight- Soft Cities & Hardwood Maps

We are constantly amazed by our talented members and the things they create.

We’re also thrilled when members want to share their amazing products with their fellow members and the clubhouse-at-large.

In addition to our wonderful Soft Cities blanket (which if you haven’t done so needs your x marks the spot, members) we now have a Hardwood World Map by the front desk.

Here’s a little info about these amazing makers, and be sure to check out both items the next time you’re in the clubhouse.

Thank you tons Joel & Nikki!!


Joel Goyette of Hardwood Maps:

I fell in love with woodworking in the eighth grade, amazed at how beauty can be coaxed out of rough and raw lumber. Today I’m a proud member of the Bay Area maker movement and enjoy spending time creating new designs and improving my skills at places like the Makeshift Society and TechShop San Francisco.

My collection of exotic hardwood maps draws inspiration from my love of exploring faraway lands, languages and lifestyles. Ever since I began living abroad in high school (as an exchange student in Argentina, Brazil and Spain) I’ve always had a map on my wall to remind me of where I’ve been and where I’ve yet to go.

2IBkH Savannah-Mounted-Map-2


Nikki Rodenbeck of Soft Cities:

Soft Cities is a textile company specializing in mapping your stories. Their custom designed maps feature your favorite location and up to three markers pointing out your most meaningful places: where you live, where your child was born, where you got married, or where she said yes, etc. Maps can be printed as a blanket on super soft, lightweight fleece or as a set of four napkins on beautiful Kona Cotton. Map styles are created in collaboration with award-winning Stamen Design and OpenStreetMap contributors. 5% of every sale goes toward the OpenStreetMap Foundation to keep map data free.

Each customer works directly with designer and owner, Nikki Gunn Rodenbeck and because each order is unique, that one-on-one experience with the customer is what drives her through the more challenging parts of running her own business like keeping the whole operation local to San Francisco, posting on Twitter (and Pinterest, and Facebook and her blog), and remembering to take out the trash. Started just three years ago as a way to keep her sanity while getting pregnant and raising a newborn, Nikki uses all of her past hats in marketing, media, and design to create map products that are beautiful, thoughtful, and fun.