Swap Shop SF



Who, or what, is Swap Shop SF you may ask? Instead of bringing in a retailer this month in The Supply Closet we decided to do something a little, different. We are aiming for something more engaging and collaborative among our members for the pop-up space; The Supply Closet is going rogue!

Through July, members are cordially invited to participate in a little something we like to call #SwapShopSF. Each shelf in our stylish Heartwork cabinet will hold one awesome item at a time, supplied by members that are willing to swap — five shelves, five items. See something you like? Bring in something of your own and swap it out! It can’t be something you run and grab at the store, it needs to be something unique from your owns stash of things. It may be even be a good idea to bring an item in to swap with you when you come into work, just incase there is something you just have to have that day.
We’ll document the results on Instagram, tagged #SwapShopSF so be sure to check back often for updates of what’s in the cabinet. Let’s see what you’ve got to share!