International Coworking Day At Makeshift Society

Come work with us! We want to share the love  on International Coworking Day on August 9th by offering a free day for members and non-members*. Come chat, work, collaborate, flip through our our books, and make friends. We hope to see you at Makeshift Society on this day celebrating the awesomness that is coworking.

*If you are a non-member, be sure to call ahead to insure a spot in our cozy space.

Monthly Mixer with General Assembly

hey makeshifters!

just a friendly reminder that this Friday is our monthly member mixer. 5-7 ish.

this month we’re sponsored by General Assembly ,and they’ll have some info about their classes & programming.

hope to see you there!

Class Preview: Cycle in Skirts: Crochet a Bicycle Skirt Guard


From Lorna Watt:

On Tuesday, August 6 upgrade your basic crochet skills from straight scarves to show-stoppers.

Join me for an intermediate crochet bicycle skirt guard class. For us less-than-hard-core cyclists, bicycle chain guards are standard. But did you know that skirt guards used to be standard frame accessories too? Shapely metal lattices attached to fenders and frames guarded against dresses catching in spokes and wheels. Fenders on Dutch bikes often still bear tiny holes where later generations of fashion-conscious cyclists hooked on mesh skirt guards. Today the skirt guard is a lost accessory in the US, but together we’ll bring it back to the bike-sharing streets of SF!

Beginners, I’m looking forward to the look on your face when you discover the magical simplicity of simple stitches applied in new sequences. If you can only crochet basic stitches, this class is for you. More advanced? You’ll learn even faster. We’ll cover the basics and use just four common stitches. After this class, you’ll be swiping grandma’s lace doilies left and right. Ain’t no party like your grandma’s tea party! Hey! Ho!

Even if you don’t have a bike, your friends do, and you’re an über-thoughtful gift-giver of exceptional, handcrafted treasures. These skirt guards clip to the fenders, but fender-less minimalists can woo all the ladies with handmade gifts too. We’ll use a design that fits everything from tiny BMX wheels to big PUBLIC Bikes ones.

You’ll leave the class with supplies to make and instal two large skirt guards. With your new tools, you’ll be set to make as many as you want (you’ll just need more thread). Plus you’ll get personal instruction from an expert crocheter and experienced teacher for crazy cheap.

I love introducing people to crochet as a modern craft. A few years ago I ditched research science and founded Knits for Life, where I design surprising knitting and crochet patterns for vibrant people. For years I’ve taught adults with active learning and large lectures as well as created online tutorials. I’m an avid yarnbomber and my work recently earned me the role of Downtown San Mateo Association’s Artist in Residence, where I’m bringing community-based public art to life. Come play with me!

3rd Quarter Full Time Resident: Stacy Adimando

We are pleased to introduce our final Q3 full time resident, Stacy Adimando.

Ade Olisa photo

“I’m a food writer and a cook. He’s a wine maker and expert. And together, my partner Steve and I are dreamers, doers and discoverers. We’ve cooked up the idea of Ever Hungry—a one of a kind events and excursions company dedicated to bringing together amazing producers with guests who are eager to learn, taste and explore. We envision the beginnings of Ever Hungry to be a series of curated feasts and events in inspiring locations, such as farms, fields and unique city and country spots. We’ll deliver a fascinating group of purveyors, artisans and makers to share their skills and products—be they foods, drink or designs of all kinds. And guests and attendees will enjoy a warm, open exchange with the spotlighted producers, much like you might have at a family meal or a gathering of close friends. By the end of each get together, we hope our guests will walk away filled up in more ways than one, having had special access to interesting companies and met new connections and companions along the way. Before and after our events, we’ll share photos, stories and the backgrounds of our featured guests and experts on our website, and connect attendees and page visitors directly to the producers for follow-up sales. From start to finish, the goal will be to meet and mingle, enjoy and evolve.

Down the road, we’d like to plan day trips, weekend adventures, and maybe even someday have a storefront space where we could gather, learn, teach and toast on a regular basis.”

Thanks Stacy. We look forward to seeing the process and collaborations that result from your residency!

photo credit Ade Olisa Photography

3rd Quarter Part Time Resident: Alesha Bishop

We want to welcome our other 3rd Quarter part time resident, Alesha Bishop!



“A curious idealist Alesha’s career took an unexpected turn after becoming a mother. Seeking out flexible and interesting work as a new mom Alesha got into the world of family-friendly app development. Her first venture in the industry was as co-creator of one of the very first family-oriented apps: Mom Maps. At the same time, she co-founded Mom’s With Apps to connect parents working in app development. It started with 3 other moms and has grown into a group that has over a thousand members from all over the world and is a leading voice for family-friendly developers. Alesha has deep experience in branding and digital media. In her role as Senior Brand Manager for Charles Schwab, Alesha played an integral role in a major brand re-launch. Over the course of her career, she has worked in a variety of industries, with clients that range in size from small businesses to Fortune 500 corporations. Her hobbies include making upcycled jewelry, collage, painting, mobile photography, and reading. Also, writing for her blog

What I will be working on the next couple months: Building an amazing kids app that teaches Social and Emotional Skills, Kimochis. Also working business development for Wisen, a company focused on building quantified applications that make life better.

What I hope to get out of working at MakeShift Society: New friends and business partners. Plus inspiration and a place away from home to get work done.”


Thanks, Alesha. If you see her around the club house, be sure to say hello!