Class Preview: Still Life Product Photography Basics

still life shot


On Tuesday June 18, we will be having a Product Photography class for beginners taught by Robert Birnbach. The focus of the class will be on simple techniques and tools to use to get better product photos for your business. You do not need a lot of fancy, expensive equipment to achieve great shots! Ever think of heading into the local hardware store rather then the camera shop to gather some supplies to create lighting equipment? Robert will show you just what to grab to do so! You’ll acquire the knowledge to build the foundation for you basic photography tool box. Are you puzzled when you hear mention of the rule of thirds or just can’t seem to get the depth of field right for your product shots? You’ll will find the answers during this class and be able to start applying them yourself.


product photo shot


There will be examples of basic lighting set-ups as well as examples of product photos that he has taken. Robert Birnbach is the co-author of  the book Photos That Sell with Dan Gookin and has developed national campaigns with brands including Pottery Barn, Mens Wearhouse, Kinkos, Subway, and MTV. He has worked in commercial photography for over 20 years with his expertise lying in product photography. His current focus is on food photography, so you’ll be sure to get a range of great tips and tricks from this seasoned and well versed photographer.