SF Postcard Project

from Hunter Franks…

SF Postcard Project collects positive stories on 6th & Market

This past Saturday, SF Postcard Project collaborated with Urban SpaceshipSan Francisco Planning and Urban Research AssociationNeighborlandTwitter,ArtIsMobilusRebarSupervisor Jane Kim, and others to engage the community to collect ideas and stories for how to improve 6th Street.

Over six hours on a beautiful day, I collected over 50 positive personal stories on postcards which will be mailed off to random San Francisco residents. It’s funny, the goal of this project is to challenge people’s perceptions of marginalized communities, and each time I collect postcards, I realize my perceptions change too.

One of the biggest factors that keeps people away from the Tenderloin is fear. People see the crime, drugs, and poverty on the news. But they never see the positive stories. They never get the chance to, because they are told to stay away from here. That is where the SF Postcard Project comes in.

This project provides a personal positive story delivered right to your home. This isn’t the news. This is life. This is an artist selling her paintings on the corner. This is a father spending all day with his son. This is a neighborhood leader championing tenant rights. This is a previously homeless individual back on his feet. These are stories that deserve to be heard. So check any preconceived notions about the Tenderloin at the door and check your mail.

Check out photos from the day below and see some of the postcards here.

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