SF Postcard Project

from Hunter Franks…



I recently launched the SF Postcard Project, which aims to encourage neighborhood exploration through community exchange.

I chose Bayview as the first SF neighborhood to participate in the project. Bayview is tucked into an isolated Southeast corner of San Francisco. Most San Franciscans don’t have a reason to go there. They only know what they see on the news — violence, drugs, and poverty. But there is much more.

This project aims to collect and share positive places in Bayview. I ask a Bayview resident to fill out their favorite place on a postcard and then mail the postcard to a randomly selected San Francisco resident in another neighborhood. The goal is to make someone in another SF neighborhood think about the Bayview, if only for a few moments. Who knows — maybe they are so intrigued they take a trip to Bayview and check it out for themselves.

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