Intern Panel recap

from Nicole Delger…

I was thrilled to moderate a panel last night at Makeshift Society. Here the one-sentence bios of the smart women talking about their own experiences:

Sarah Stevenson – An Interior Designer with experience managing interns –

Laura Monfredini – Employment Lawyer and photographer: Please note this statement from Laura, “My statements and opinions are my own and don’t reflect those of my current or former employers.”

Ashely Mosley –Community Engagement Manager at

Nicole Delger (Moderator) – Brand Strategist, currently managing a “virtual intern” and has experience managing from her days working in advertising. and About.Me/NicoleDelger

I have also included some great resources and links that came from our conversation below:

From Ashley of InternMatch: “You can find links to employer resources here and details on their compensation guide here.

From Laura we’ve included a couple of links that will help people with protecting their IP. She also notes: “The kind you need will depend on what people are doing for you, but the two main types are getting a copyright assigned (generally for visual/written work) and getting “inventions” assigned (if someone develops code for you or a business process, for example). These forms are pretty good, but I always caveat that it’s a good idea to work with a business lawyer about your specific company & needs.”

From me: I have a guide on how to write an internship description and how to write an internship work agreement.”

I’d love to hear about your own experience (both as an intern and manager), so leave a comment below!