Weekly Class Wrap-up February 25-28

Ready, Set, Goal!


 Pooja Dang is a life coach and loves to help people ” find and live their AWESOME.” In this workshop, she outlined setting goals and the right process to achieving them. She delved into the goal setting process, why its so hard to keep the goals we make, and an effective process for setting goals that truly mattered to the attendees. It really was AWESOME!


Strategy TNT


This month’s featured speaker was Cathy Bishop from GoodEggs. Cathy talked about the mission of GoodEggs, the challenges the company has faced, and the changes they’ve made to their ordering process. She also talked about the all-important local food system, and provided some shocking statistics about the national food system. Support your local food system y’all!

Boundaries for Better Business


Lisa Anderson Shaffer dropped some serious science to an intimate group of folks eager to learn how to set boundaries. She explained that “boundaries are a courtesy we extend to each other.”  Once we’ve established boundaries, we are prepared to deal with all sorts of shenanigans that customers/clients/associates can test us with.

Project Management- Using Asana

In this class, students learned how Asana can help organize their professional and personal lives. Ben Shapiro demonstrated how the program can help keep you and your team on task, and also how you can keep your short and long term personal tasks on track.

-Ashley & Christina