Meet our 2nd Quarter Residents

Once again we had a pool of stellar submissions for our residency program, and alas we have chosen 2.

Our full time residency recipient is Hunter Franks.  In his own words…

Hunter is passionate about co-creating better communities through human-centered creative approaches. His creative projects bring people together to interact in new ways with each other and their environment.

Hunter recently served as Community Manager for the San Francisco Mayor’s Office of Civic Innovation, where he collaborated with local organizations to empower San Franciscans to co-create solutions to civic challenges. Prior to that, he was walking from Los Angeles to New Mexico — an experience that continues to fuel his desire to connect and engage with communities.

 During his residency at Makeshift Society, Hunter will focus on building community in San Francisco’s Bayview neighborhood through human-centered storytelling. Youth in the Bayview often struggle to find the resources to pursue their passions and build a strong community. The story of  those youth will be told through writing and photography – getting to know their lives, their joys, and their struggles. This project will tell an intimate story that will help broadcast and transform the identity of the Bayview.


Our part time residency recipient is Katherine McEachern.

Katherine McEachern is a human-centered designer focused on helping organizations and companies with a social mission achieve their goals through designing products, spaces, and services. Kat has a background in community organizing and youth climate advocacy. From this work, she bring passion for sustainability and deep systems change, as well as a love for empowering others to be a positive force in their community.

In addition, Kat makes jewelry from vintage and repurposed items. She says, “I find joy in taking pieces that have been loved before and turning them into something to be loved again.” Her jewelry is sold at local boutiques, on BRIKA, a site for makers, and on EtsyYou can find find more of her writing on design for social change on her blog.
During her residency she will be focusing on developing design-thinking workshops to empower individuals, nonprofits, and companies to incorporate design into their social changemaking. By the end of her residency she plans to have an open workshop for Makeshift members. 
Our first quarter residents were fantastic. We are excited to see what amazing things this quarters residents bring to the Makeshift table!

Spotlight On Our Members: Ben Shapiro

Along with highlighting the people behind the curtain at Makeshift Society, we are going to be featuring our super awesome members. There are many makers and shifters here and we want you to get to know them! For our first member, we have Ben Shapiro of


A: What job, career, or hobby are you focusing on right now?

B: – Online Guitar Lessons

A: What do you love most about what you are doing and why?

B:My goal is to connect students looking to learn how to play the guitar with world class guitar teachers. It’s gratifying because we I get to both help students learn something cool and help our teachers run a more efficient business. It’s nice to feel like we help everyone win!

A: What do you enjoy doing outside of work?

B:Pestering my girlfriend and our new kitten, Brisket.



A:What is your favorite thing about working a Makeshift?

B:The sense of community amongst the maker community. We’re all creators and it’s nice to talk to folks about the common challenges we all face.

Thank you Ben for talking with us!


Spotlight On The Ladies of Makeshift: Lexie

Our new column, Spotlight On The Ladies of Makeshift, will feature the  lovely ladies behind the scenes at Makeshift. We want you to get to know who keeps things running smoothly for all the making and shifting that happens at the clubhouse!

Lexie Tiongson


Hi everyone! I’m Lexie. I go to Academy of Art University and am studying Journalism and Graphic Design with an emphasis in Fashion. I live in The Mission, love coffee and have a thing for Jewish food. When I’m not studying or running around the city, you can find me at the clubhouse or doing yoga. At Makeshift, I book classes and events… basically the calendar girl! So if you’re interested in booking something at the clubhouse, let me know! Looking forward to meeting all of you.

Weekly Class Wrap-up February 25-28

Ready, Set, Goal!


 Pooja Dang is a life coach and loves to help people ” find and live their AWESOME.” In this workshop, she outlined setting goals and the right process to achieving them. She delved into the goal setting process, why its so hard to keep the goals we make, and an effective process for setting goals that truly mattered to the attendees. It really was AWESOME!


Strategy TNT


This month’s featured speaker was Cathy Bishop from GoodEggs. Cathy talked about the mission of GoodEggs, the challenges the company has faced, and the changes they’ve made to their ordering process. She also talked about the all-important local food system, and provided some shocking statistics about the national food system. Support your local food system y’all!

Boundaries for Better Business


Lisa Anderson Shaffer dropped some serious science to an intimate group of folks eager to learn how to set boundaries. She explained that “boundaries are a courtesy we extend to each other.”  Once we’ve established boundaries, we are prepared to deal with all sorts of shenanigans that customers/clients/associates can test us with.

Project Management- Using Asana

In this class, students learned how Asana can help organize their professional and personal lives. Ben Shapiro demonstrated how the program can help keep you and your team on task, and also how you can keep your short and long term personal tasks on track.

-Ashley & Christina