Weekly Class recap Feb 11-15

Calligraphy in the 21st Century


This was the second sold-out month for Maybelle’s  2- part calligraphy class.  In part one, students purchased their starter kits which included a personalized ink well, an extra bottle of ink, nib & holder and a practice book.  Maybelle demonstrated the formation of  letters A-L on the chalkboard wall, and then we set out to practice, practice, practice!

Anthem’s “Hit” Recipe

This introductory class was formatted, as the title suggests, like a recipe.  Students received an overview of all the necessary ingredients followed by exact steps to creating an effective marketing plan.  The framework that they learned will save them lots of time and solve the mysteries of promoting their product, service, or event.  The group was walked through a sample campaign that will earn the them more “hits.”  That is, more clicks, more shares, more traffic, more buzz and more business!

Success Squad


Success Squad is the perfect platform for makers & creators who are struggling with a business challenge.  Squad leaders Sarah & Lisa, establish a set of rules for the feedback portion of the meeting so the group can get down to the exciting and rewarding brainstorming/collaborative process. This squad had two presenters, and the group provided them with quality answers to their questions along with sound advice and support to move forward with their projects.