Teacher Spotlight: Maybelle Imasa-Stukuls

For this teacher spotlight, we are highlighting Maybelle Imasa-Stukuls who has been teaching the Calligraphy in the 21st Century from A-Z class. She has already taught one of the series, which I took and found quit inspiring, and has sell out classes in February, March, and April! Maybelle has been doing calligraphy for many years and has had her work featured in Martha Stewart Magazine and on the Today Show.

A: How long have you been working with calligraphy?

M: Ten years.

A: What made you want to teach this class?

M: For a few years now people have asked me if I taught classes anywhere.
A good friend of mine mentioned  to Rena that I was teaching calligraphy. She contacted me and soon after I paid a visit.
I loved the clubhouse space and concept behind Makeshift Society. It made a lot of sense to me that I should offer a class like “Calligraphy in the 21st Century” at this time and place in my life.
A: How was your experience teaching at Makeshift?
M: Something very magical happened for me while teaching at Makeshift Society. There is a nice energy happening there.
The clubhouse draws a nice mix of creative people in San Francisco, and I have found that I am so inspired by each and every one the students that are in my classes.
Thank you, Maybelle! Be on the look out for more classes from Maybelle at Makeshift.