Teacher Spotlight: Grace Dobush

As another way to show the goings on in the clubhouse, we will occasionally be posting teacher spotlights. It’s a great way to get to know the people teaching the classes we offer here at Makeshift Society! We will feature past, future, and re-occuring teachers.

Next month, we will be offering a few classes by Grace Dobus. She will be teaching Get Your Book Published, Coptic Stich Bookbinding, and Zine Making Happy Hour.


A: So you’re teaching 3 classes in a row at MSS in March when you’re in town. Wow, that’s a lot! All of these classes deal with books in one way or another. What drew you to teach these particular classes? Are they hobbies, your expertise, career etc?

G: I’ll be coming in from Cincinnati, so I wanted to make sure I used my time in San Francisco as fully as possible. Those three classes are actually a perfect representation of all my interests — I’m an author and a bookbinder and I love making zines! I quit my day job at a magazine last year to pursue freelance editing and writing, make more art, run a craft show and travel more. My time at Makeshift Society is me living the dream!

A: We have many crafters and creative types here at MSS. Many are already established and have their own businesses, but some are just getting going. What are your top tips or resources for those starting off or needing a little extra help establishing a creative business?

G: The most important thing when you’re just starting out is to do a lot of soul-searching. How many times have you thought at your day job, “If I were in charge, things would be SO different”? This is your chance to build your perfect job. Things you should ask yourself include: Do the principles of your business line up with your personal ethics? How do you feel about the prices you’ve set? (And should you be charging more? Because you probably should.) Do you really love what you’re making or doing? You gotta get it started right, because you’ll be thinking about your biz 24-7.

A: You seem to be up to a lot of things as a freelance editor, writer, content strategist and crafter. Phew, you have quit a few titles! Are you currently working on any projects you’d like to share?

G: I’m starting to work on a project about vintage Pyrex! So if you know anybody who has a huuuge collection, pass it on. And we’re gearing up for the next Crafty Supermarket show out in Cincinnati in April. But I’m mainly just stoked to get to hang out in San Francisco for a week. Please send restaurant recommendations!
We are looking forward to having you at Makeshift next month, Grace!