Our Full-Time Residents

We are in the first quarter of our residency program here at Makeshift. The residency was established to encourage makers to produce a new creative project. During their time at Makeshift, they document their progress through our Facebook, Pinterest, or blog. Upon the completion of their three month residency,  presentations on the projects will be given to the Makeshift members (they also get free access to our club house during this time!)

The applicants were all fabulous, and we had a hard time deciding on just one, so we selected four! They all brought different things to the table with their varying backgrounds and we wanted to give them an opportunity to develop a new creative project in their expertise. Here our our full-time residents:

Kelli Rubin


Kelli Rubin is a retired marketing VP (strategist and copywriter) who can’t seem to stay out of the trenches. Though she hopes to never take on a large-scale corporate client ever, ever again, she wants to continue helping ambitious creatives get their projects up and running. Taking on only 4-5 clients at a time ensures highly personalized solutions and advice.

Kelli’s analyses and strategies are drawn from over a decade of marketing experience and 5 years of study in ancient philosophy and grounded theory. She now has an arsenal of tools at her service to apply to troubleshooting modern businesses and encouraging sustainable growth.

When it comes to managing our careers, it is Kelli’s firm belief that we could all stand to get out of our heads and into our feels. From time management to lifehacks, feng shui adjustments to urban hikes, Kelli can teach you how to gather resources from all types of available sources. One way or another, she can help your plans succeed.


Megan Whiteford


Trained as a sculptor, Megan is interested in how materials can tell a story: through inherent visual seductiveness, along with the process of finding form through the act of creation. By emphasizing aesthetics, her work absorbs the tradition of remembrance and ritual into daily practice. Her personal archiving and revival of a past traditions is important as an act of meditation.

During her residency at Makeshift Society, she will address the relationship between these two worlds, evoking the schism between material and immaterial production, and transforming our desire for mythologies and traditions into creative manifestations. By questioning the division between memory and experience, she reflects on the closely related subjects of archive, memory, and rituals. She will select materials intuitively and explore how seemingly banal tools regulated to the craft world can create contemporary and relevant objects.

She has exhibited in New York, California, and Copenhagen. She is a Capricorn with a Gemini Rising + my Moon is in Cancer.


If you are interested in partaking in the next residency, we will be taking applicants for our second quarter beginning February 15, 2013. Check back on the blog around then or here for the application.