Introducing Our Part-Time Residents

We are in the first quarter of our residency program here at Makeshift. The residency was established to encourage makers to produce a new creative project. During their time at Makeshift, they document their progress through our Facebook, Pinterest, or blog. Upon the completion of their three month residency,  presentations on the projects will be given to the Makeshift members (they also get free access to our club house during this time!)

The applicants were all fabulous, and we had a hard time deciding on just one, so we selected four! They all brought different things to the table with their varying backgrounds and we wanted to give them an opportunity to develop a new creative project in their expertise. With out further ado, here our our two part-time residents.


Shana Astrachan

in dots

Shana Astrachan is a San Francisco based designer, metalsmith and makeup artist with a love for all things handmade, particularly the vintage and crafty kind. Though classically trained in traditional metalworking, she loves the challenge of transforming unusual materials into unique wearable and functional objects. Her jewelry pieces have been exhibited across the United States, featured in numerous books and magazines and along with other handmade objects, sold in stores around the country.

Shana also has a strong background in product development and working with manufacturers, having run the Custom Department for a local manufacturer for many years. She is an active member in the local Bay Area art community and teach workshops in both jewelry and makeup. Through her creative alter ego, ‘Fox & Doll’ Vintage Inspired Hair & Makeup Artistry, she has recently launched a  line of boutique beauty products to complement her services.

With her residency at Makeshift Society she is focusing on multiple collaborations with other designers to produce items that highlight their cumulative talents. Being at Makeshift is providing the opportunity to network with like minded creatives, fostering new ideas and inspiring new ways of working together. Shana is also like to offering consultation time to others seeking resources of materials or manufacturers, both areas of which she has exceptional experience in.


Jordan Kushins


Jordan is a freelance writer based in our fair city by the bay. She contributes daily at Co.Design and regularly at Surface,  a former editor at Dwell, and when when she is not typing she is most likely futzing around with a craft project (currently an embroidery inspired by one of her favorite books and a cowl/scarf that just won’t quit).

Her residency will explore the relationships we have with the objects we keep, and consider how to preserve the personal stories that make seemingly ordinary things truly significant; as part of the process, she’ll also be reinterpreting a small collection of her own items–for instance, a painting by her grandpa will provide inspiration for a new patchwork made by her. She is looking forward to getting a good discussion going amongst the Makeshifters (and beyond) about what makes certain possessions so genuinely special.

Be sure to say hello if you spot them around the clubhouse!