Back to the Future

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At long last, we’re blogging!

Let me back up a bit here. Makeshift Society was always intended to be an in-person, not virtual, experience. We’re a physical workspace and clubhouse, after all, and we like it live and loud over here. I often have to be coaxed into toeing the line regarding best marketing practices, and *not* having a blog seemed really radical and liberating. Could we convey the essence of what Makeshift is through the eyes of others alone?

What we’ve found over the last few months is that there are many more people interested in our goings-on than anticipated. We get email from all around the country about how Makeshift was formed and how it operates. We have visitors (both academic and corporate) drop in from time to time, curious about our practices. And then there are the amazing things our members are up to; we are proud of our people and want to promote their good work. We can do a lot of good storytelling visually, via our Instagram feed, for example, but some things need a little more explanation.

So here we* are, blogging – maybe not every day, but from time to time. We’ll update you on what happens within and without the clubhouse. Our Makers-in-Residence will fill you in about what they plan to achieve with our resources. We’ll spotlight members and class instructors. And, we will write summaries about the week that was and the weeks that will be. Deal? Deal.

– Rena

*We = me, Christina, Ashley, and assorted members. All contributions welcome.

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